1.How does a stand mixer work?

First wash and dice the food, then put the food that can’t be eaten raw into the pot and cook it, if it’s ice and chili and so on, then it doesn’t need to be cooked.

First put the blade assembly, then put the chopped food into the chopping cup center tab, directly then put into the blender. Put the chopped food into the cup, then you can choose to participate in some supplementary ingredients for mixing and blending, of course, after mixing and then send supplementary ingredients can also be, mix well into the seasoning according to personal taste to deal with.

The right amount of clean ingredients have been put into the mixing cup, and then we participate in the machine inside the water or milk, the mixing cup cover tightly to avoid overflow. Cover the lid of the cup, the lid will be placed in the body of the machine.

Connected to the power supply, according to the needs of chopping food, press the switch for 10 to 20 seconds. Meat is generally chopped and mixed moment for 30 seconds, vegetables and fruits 15 seconds can be. In this step of the operation, the button each time a longer operation but 30 seconds, 30 seconds after the chopping, such as not finished, please let the product rest 2 minutes and then continue to work. This is conducive to better operation of the machine. Some of the machine’s switch in the upper side and some in the side, in the keys to pay attention to the keys in succession and should not exceed 30 seconds.

After finishing unplugging the power supply, the mixer will soon be out of the fight. At this point is pure natural no increase, if only juice, this time to be able to play a few more times with a fine mesh filter, pour out will not leave residue, drinking the sweet.

Drinking after rinsing the mixing cup parts with water, if in the process of using the unfortunate spill into the mixing cup, the machine can be disassembled and cleaned, in the cleaning with a dry wet rag quietly scrubbing, scrubbing into the cabinet or kitchen.

2.What are the precautions for the use of stand mixer?

Cut meat, cut fruits and vegetables, stirring, there should be no noise, there is noise immediately closed to check the fault.

Need to put in the blade assembly first before putting in the ingredients to avoid the formation of machine damage.

When the power is connected, press the switch button high-speed operation, let go of the instant to suspend the operation, and the mixing time should not exceed 30 seconds, beyond and so on 2 minutes before starting.

3.Do we charge a re-listing fee?

No, we do not charge a re-listing fee.

4.How to obtain a refund?

After we receive your returned stand mixer, the refund amount will be credited back to your payment account within 1-2 business days. Please be patient, thank you.

5.Who is responsible for the sale tax and customs fees?

The sales tax is the responsibility of the customer and is not borne by the merchant, thank you for your understanding.

We are well aware of the demand for stand mixers in the US market. In order to better serve US customers, we currently only support orders from the US mainland, and there is no customs fee.