Multifunctional Desktop Durable Stand Mixer

Provides a range of variable speed options from a low stir to a high whip for any task or recipe; makes it simple and effective to knead bread dough, beat thick butter, whip cream, etc.; the planetary mixing action ensures more thorough and uniform results.

Our Stand Mixer

Home Use High Quality Stainless Classic Benchtop Stand Mixer

The lightweight hand mixer easily separates from the base for greater mixing versatility to handle any baking recipe.

The hand mixer can sit on the edge of the bowl thanks to the bowl rest feature, which prevents sloppy drips. The bowl is rotated by the shift and stir feature to ensure thorough mixing.

Automatic Desktop Intelligent Timing Stand Mixer

Easily prepare cakes, breads, cookies, pizza, muffins, waffles, mashed potatoes, and more with this stand mixer’s powerful motor and durable ABS housing. It has three speeds, from slow stir to fast mix.

The large stainless steel bowl that comes with this mixer, which measures 5 QT, has enough room for an entire family.

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